Visit to Downtown

Visit to Downtown
Torres de Serrano

domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

Enjoying last days in Valencia and Getting ready for Madrid!

Hola  America!

Unfortunately good times always have an end! And we are very close to it :(

Last week in Valencia was for some cultural activities and for preparing the activities for the big day: The Farewell Party. The students have been practicing for their individual and group performances with too much effort. 

On Tuesday, we watched the third film in our spanish film series. It was time to watch Pedro Almodovar's "Volver", a dark drama-comedy film from one of the most important spanish filmmakers. 

On Wednesday, we went to the beach to relax and have fun. It was a sunny afternoon in Valencia so kids used the corresponding sun block.

On Friday afternoon, the group went to Museo Taurino and Valencia bullring. We visited different places in the bullring and played to be bulls and bullfighters once inside. We had a one-hour tour and learned about Spain and Valencia bullfighing. The kids saw stuffed bulls and learned how bulls are prepared for each bullfight. Olè! 

On Friday night, 8 kids went with Israel F to the Hombres G concert. The venue was packed and full of energy. They could enjoy the music from one of the most famous spanish rock/pop bands of all time.  

On Saturday they visited the Fallero Museum where they could see the Ninots (like big dolls or puppets that are displayed in March during the famous "Fallas Valencianas") that werent burnt as the tradition demands. See:

On behalf of the Valencia team ( Victor, Melissa, Kyle and Israel F) I must say we are totally happy to have this talented and wonderful group. This group is very special and unique! Be proud you are their parents or guardians! We feel happy when they tell us everyday that you are the most awesome family!


domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

Independence Day, Xativa and Roman Ruins!

Hola Familias!

4 weeks already ! How time flies! Just two more weeks in magic Valencia.

Most important event of the week: Independence Day on Wednesday. We heard the national anthem (instrumental) early in the morning on July 4th, we ate hamburguers and hot dogs for lunch in the cafeteria and we celebrated it  with games and splashes on the Mediterranean sea (see picture below the entries). Some students got together and decided to go for dinner to an american restaurant downtown.

Last Tuesday, we had our traditional screening of spanish movies with "El Laberinto Fauno". The film mixes spanish history and fantasy. We plan to have more screenings for the weeks remaining.

Last Thursday was for a Flamenco show! The kids experienced the traditional music from Andalucia. They danced on stage and enjoyed one hour of a great show. Ole!

Last Friday, we had our last excursion of the program to a valenciano town called Xativa. It was a pearl! We climbed a mountain to reach a castle (actually we took a small train that took us there). The kids explored places such as the guard points, the gardens, water deposits and dungeons. We also visited a museum where we saw two important paintins from local and important spanish painter Jose de Ribera.     

On Saturday we visited the Roman Ruins that are under Valencia. It was a trip to an ancient civilization that was present in our city for many years. During the visit, the kids could see the remains of important public, political and cultural places for this empire

These two weeks we will be working on our performances for the farewell party. Meaning that you have two weeks to prepare the welcome party over there! Start thinking on how to surprise your kids since they really miss you all!